Motocaddy S3 Speed puzzle

Mel Hadfield

Nov 30, 2017
I have a problem with my Motocaddy S3 Digital Pro
.. with the motor removed from the unit but connected to power:
when I power up, the screen is blue and if the speed setting is 4 or higher, the trolley is stationary. If I reduce it below 4 then the motor starts turning slowly and if i reduce it to 2 or 1 it goes faster...?!
When I press the speed knob, no matter what the setting the trolley goes at a constant speed, which is about a 7.!!
I've replaced the control board in the handle and the speed control box under the battery holder but the problem is the same ?
I haven't changed the motor but don't really suspect that.
Anyone had a similar problem and if so, did you resolve it?