Kallfors Golfklubb - Sweden

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Already posted some pics in the Played today"-thread, but feel it's worth to post all pictures in one single thread.

Played Kallfors for the first time this past Friday with some mates from back home who are members here, and which I most likely would be too if I moved back home as it's about a 20 minute drive from my home town south of Stockholm.

They had 5 different sets off tee's and we went of Number 4, which came close to 6,600 yards. The championship tee's must've been at least another 300-400 yards I'd imagine as the difference on some of the tee's were massive.

Closest resemblence I can think of in the UK must be Bearwood Lakes of the one's that I've played, although the greens at Kallfors were bigger and had massive slopes and tiered greens on some of the holes.

The greenfee on a weekday was £55 with today's conversion rate and £70 at the weekend, which I'd say is a bargain.

As much as I love my club back in the UK, the difference in quality between the two is like Premier League and League 2.

Can't wait to get back next year and bring my own clubs to play it a few more times.