How long did it take you to have a competent swing

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Oct 12, 2021
Evening all. I'm pleased to say that my partner has decided that she wants to learn how to play golf. She has some lessons booked with a local pro starting at the end of October but we have been going down the range together the last month once or twice per week. She already has a pretty decent swing and when she hits it well she has a lovely ball flight with a draw (jealous). But obviously at this stage she just lacks consistency with striking it pure most of the time. I was interested in your own stories, how long did it take you from beginner to being able to hit the ball relatively consistently. Thanks in advance.


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May 20, 2017
This is 'how long is piece of string'

For me I would say it was somewhere in the middle of my first lesson, my first lesson was after my first round of golf. However there have been a lot of very wayward shots in the intervening 40 years.

I would say that I only had one really consistent period of playing for about 10 years (most scores between -2 and plus 4) and that was after playing for about 15 years.
Sep 14, 2020
Hi, my wife took up the game a while ago, best part of her game is steady steady down the fairway and never gets into trouble because she doesn’t hit it fat enough and it’s always straight!
Your gf prob be similar, my advice is get her on the short game , chipping putting because she will often get there nicely but needs to learn to take advantage of her steady game! My Mrs was often 4 putting and three chipping, such a shame when she’s on the green for 3!