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Jul 6, 2020
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Welcome to the Golf Monthly forums!

By creating an account, you have agreed to follow these community guidelines:

Be respectful of others
    • Swearing is not allowed in these forums (even if you're attempting to mask the swear with alternate characters).
    • Do not harass, insult, or demean other members of the community, including official staff. This includes making accusations of corruption or bias toward writers.
      • Disagreement is welcome, but different points of view can coexist without anyone resorting to personal attacks.
    • Abusing forum features (such as direct messages or the reporting function), posting hate speech, spam (advertisements), or malicious links/content will all result in an immediate permanent ban.
Stay on topic
    • These forums are primarily for the discussion of golf and related topics, so comments should reflect that. All off-topic discussions should be reserved for the Out of Bounds section of the forums here.
      • Political discussion is not allowed in these forums (even in the Out of Bounds section).
    • Non-productive posts will be removed.
      • Posts that are incomplete thoughts, or that simply say things such as “hi” or “test” could all be classified as non-productive.
    • Deleted or locked threads were removed for a reason. Do not attempt to re-open them by creating new threads on the same topic.
    • Don't publicly post complaints about moderation. If you have a concern about the rules, or any specific Moderator, email those concerns to the Community Team directly:
Be honest
    • Don’t create multiple accounts. Using secondary accounts to bypass moderation action or create the illusion of an ongoing discussion is not allowed.
    • Avoid replying to your own posts to keep them among the latest threads.
    • Do not impersonate others in these forums. This could be another user, an influencer, a staff member, or any other person/organization.
Appealing a Time-out or Ban

We will not allow public posts to discuss action taken by Moderators. If you wish to appeal any official warnings, time outs, or bans, please email

  • Never publicly post personally identifying information, such as your email address or phone number, and do not ask others for their personal information.
  • Don’t use this community to air grievances/shame any organization or brand.
  • Moderators cannot assist with password/account recovery. If you're having trouble getting back into your account please email us:
  • Posts in the forums should be written in English. This restriction helps us more efficiently moderate posts.
How Moderation Works
  • If you post something that doesn’t follow the forum guidelines, you’ll receive a warning regarding your post, as well as a link to the guidelines for reference.
    • If you continue to violate the guidelines, you’ll receive a second and final warning.
      • A third post in violation of the guidelines will result in a permanent ban
  • Volunteer Moderators are forum users like all of you. They visit the forums on their own time, reading and commenting on ongoing discussions, which means they often see problematic posts on their own.
    • You can assist them and the Community Managers, by using the Report button on posts that violate the rules.
    • Do not attempt to engage with these posts as that simply makes them more visible by bumping them (moving them to the top of the newest posts).
Community Managers

UK Team:

NA Team:

Account Deletion

You have the right to delete your forum account. Deleting an account is permanent and all data you provided when signing up will be removed from our database. If you’d like your account deleted, please email our Community Team (address below) and let us know. Be sure to include the name of the forum when writing in so we can find your account ASAP.

If you have any questions about these community guidelines, please contact our Community Team at the email address

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