Dropping a ball


May 31, 2018
If I drop a ball and it comes to rest against my foot, but then when it move my foot it starts rolling again. I believe the rule is that as it has come to rest I should replace it where it stopped. There is no penalty. I can find this in the rules.
However, if I drop a ball, it hits my foot and continues rolling. Do I need to drop again? The logic here is that as the ball hadn't stopped yet it is not yet in play?


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Nov 20, 2011
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Just for kicks, I'll have a bash before the experts pop in

I think it depends if it A) hit your foot before it hits the ground and B) assuming it hit ground first before foot, did the ball eventually stops within the relief area or roll outside

Colin L

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May 26, 2012
In both your examples, we have to know whether the dropped ball touched your foot before or after the ball touched the ground. If before, you must drop it again. We also need to know if the ball came to rest in the relief area.

If in your first example your balll came to rest against your foot after striking the ground and then moved when you moved your foot, you are correct in understanding that you replace it without penalty[ Clarification 14.3c(1)/1]
If in your second example your ball hit your foot after striking the ground, you play it as lies.
In both instances, the ball must have come to rest in the relief area. If it didn't, you must drop again and if it once more rolls outside the relief area you must place it where it first struck the ground after the second drop.
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Feb 5, 2021
If the player’s ball moves when the player moves his foot he must replace the ball as required by Rule 9.4, but he gets no penalty as the ball’s movement was a result of the player’s reasonable actions in taking relief under a Rule

….. you then have to work out if it was a reasonable action to drop the ball where you did and where it might hit the foot - eg it’s not reasonable to have your foot in the way to stop your ball rolling into a horrid section of rough!