5 Essential Tips for Golfing in Winter


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Nov 9, 2022
Lehi, Utah
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I used to feel sad when the colder temperatures in winter, because I can't do more exercise in cold weather. Then, I heard that many golfers still play golf every week in winter. What I have learned over the years is that there are ways to stay warm when exercising outdoors in winter.


The most important tip is being prepared and knowing what to expect. For years, I was a golfer who only play in nice weather. As I have become more passionate about golf, I have learned to adapt the changes of season. Like some people saying, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear!

Below are the 5 essential tips on how to play golf when the temperatures start to drop to make sure continue to enjoy the amazing game.

1. Layer Up With Winter Golf Apparel
As the weather getting colder, layering up is key to being prepared.

Upper Body
Having multiple layers of clothing allows you to adjust your comfort level depending on how cold it is. Sometimes the morning is cold and a couple of hours in, the day gets warmer. Being able to take off a layer is important.

You'd better to wear a long sleeve base layer that is wicking or performance material. Then wear a lightweight vest. And depending on how cold it is, you can also layer on an additional light fleece jacket on top and/or a lightweight warm jacket in even colder temps. Lightweight is important as it keeps the bulk or puffiness to a minimum, which is important in swinging the golf club.

Lower Body
Wearing the right pair of golf pants will help keep your bottom half comfortable. When it gets colder, you can switch to fleece lined winter pants , which keeps lower half nice and warm.

2. Keep Your Hands, Feet, Head and Ears Warm
What I have experienced playing golf in the cold weather is that my hands and feet are easier to get cold. If you are walking, the exercise will most certainly help, but the worst situation is your hands are too cold to grip the golf club.

These winter golf gloves specifically made for playing golf have been great for me. Also, I highly recommend bringing a rechargeable hand warmer, which can be stored easily in your golf bag when you need them. The rechargeable hand warmer I used for a long time called Ocoopa Union 5S rechargeable hand warmer which can heat for 15 hours constantly. Here is what really can help you on the colder days when the fingers start to get too cold.

Wearing a winter hat, well that is a must for everyone. Heat can be lost through your head if it is unprotected.

All in all, keeping these extremities warm is very important to your winter golf enjoyment.

3. Be sure to stretch
Because of the colder air, your body won’t be as flexible and the bulkiness of having extra layers may not allow you flexible. So, be sure to stretch and warm up before you head out.

Golf is all about being loose and free, but winter golf can cause your body and muscles to tighten up. Exercises to help you loosen up will help your golf game and may even help prevent any cold-related injuries.

4. Bring a nice hot drink in a warm water bottle
Having a nice warm beverage to drink can help warm your body in the freezing cold. There are many heated water bottles that keep a beverage warm for over 8 hours.

5. Lower your expectations and just have fun
The cold air affects the distance the ball will travel and the golf ball will not go as far as it would in the warmer weather. Place and lift the ball as needed, and don’t worry about your score. Most importantly, have fun!

Preparation is key in playing golf in the winter season. Follow the great tips and strategies on how to play golf in the winter. Hope it is helpful for you!