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    Word Association - take 3

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    The left hand/arm in the golf swing

    The left arm for me is important in controlling width - especially in the backswing and tempo. Rory is a big advocate for the left arm in the golf swing and he talks a fair bit about keeping it as straight as possible. Any large break in the elbow can lead to inconsistency. You don’t move...
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    Gym before or after work

    Has to be the morning so long as you can get a breakfast in. There’s been a few studies on training time and I do not think there was massive differences. When I used to train I just could not go after work. Literally zero motivation to go.
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    Golf Random Irritations

    People who say Rory is a bad player and is “done” The two members that play solely together in comps and always finish top 8. Swing thoughts
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    Fairway woods

    I would recommend getting a fairway wood as as you get better you do need one as part of your set up. I think brand wise... I would probably look at a TaylorMade or a Ping. Reason being is they have a friendly shape to them from above and especially how low and flat the face is. Allows for a...
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    Shortest period a club has been in the bag?

    Recently bought the cobra King driving iron with a graphite shaft I didn't get fit for it just hit it at the range and then again at an AG and ordered from my club pro. Absolutely loved it went a mile with a nice easy swing. On the course cannot hit it for toffee. I duff every shot with it...
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    Wanted - Aldila RIP Alpha / Rogue Silver Shaft

    Looking for either of the above in STIFF flex with a Titleist adapter. This will be for my 915 Driver but if you have for a fairway I might be interested too.
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    Shaft recommendation for driver.

    My backs a bit of a mess at the moment and my swing speed has decreased to about 106-108 mph and I'm struggling with my X looking for a low launch and low spin shaft in a stiff flex for my 915 D needs to be cheap as I am probably going to get it from eBay (other suggestions welcome) Budget is...
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    Premium Ball Market

    Taken the plunge and bought a dozen Pro V1x's after a little ball fitting. Felt a bit sick purchasing them but hey, im all for trying things to improve my game and I only lose maybe a ball a round on average at the most. I used to be sceptical about shafts until I got my Project Xs and X stiff...
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    Links Golf Problems

    Recently got back from playing some links golf in the Cornwall area. I did St Enodoc, Trevose and PerranPorth I must admit, the courses had unbelievable views. Picture postcard. Really does have some special sites. The conditions of Trevose and especially St Enodoc were very good. I mean...
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    FS: Taylormade Aeroburner 3 wood

    Selling my 3 wood. Only had it for maybe 6-7 rounds. It's practically brand new as you can see from the photos. Few marks on face but as you can see from the photos you can't even see them hardly. I bought it new maybe 8 weeks ago for £99 so would like £70 for it including postage which is a...
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    I have been converted

    Crosshanded, cog handed, left hand down........ whatever you want to call it..... if you are having problems putting you need to try it. I have been struggling all year with putting and have tried all sorts, hell i even read Dr Bob's "putting out of your mind". I have just had my 3rd round...
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    Just Golf - A Blog for Golfers

    Taken my golf obsession to a new level by creating a fun blog. Please give it a read Let me know your thoughts as I really am keen to give this a good go and I hope you enjoy my posts as much as I shall do writing them. Its something that I am hoping to develop as...
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    The Oaks

    I recently played at The Oaks in a Pro-Am on Friday 13th May and had a magnificent day. Its situated in the middle of nowhere really, between Howden and York(ish) for those of you not local. You can tell it’s a quality place as you drive up. Nice tidy entrance and a driveway, which meanders...
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    FS: Titleist 915 D3

    So Selling my driver. I bought it New in January 2016. Hit it amazing when I bought the dam thing. Then had some lessons and its just not doing anything for me which is extremely frustrating. Used it for maybe 20 rounds so its in pretty much near new condition. Grip is excellent, Shaft is...