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    Arcos grip sensors

    My brand new set of Ping G425 irons don't have Arccos in the grips. Quite interesting really, as when I ordered them (May. Got them three months later) I asked if I had to have Arccos in them as I knew I'd never use them. I was told they all come with Arccos anyway and you can't opt out. AG...
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    Red tees longer than yellows

    A few on one of the courses I use. However, they are Par 5 on these holes, where the yellow tees are Par 4.
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    2021 Professional Golf Thread

    What did I miss yesterday? I turned on the golf to see Rahm, on -13, lining up for an Eagle attempt. He gets the Eagle to much applause and praise. . . Yet his score only goes to -14 :unsure: Were there errors with the scoring?
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    What's your most lofted wedge?

    58 Vokey Use it all the time for short shots to the green, around the green and greenside bunkers. Never use my SW from greenside bunkers unless there is loads of green to play with.
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    Are you bothered about golf in the Olympics?

    Just watched Pan get the bronze medal after a 7 man play off. BBC Olympics commentary is just abysmal. Hazel Irvine about Pans 3rd place: " what a great start to Pans winning streak" Weird on several levels. Maybe she can tell the future. :rolleyes: The other day we had someone congratulating...
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    Ping irons -current lead times?

    Mine arrived at the beginning of the week. Exactly 11 weeks after ordered.
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    Rebranding the Seniors Section. Help!

    When I was fitted for my new Pings on 3rd May (still waiting) I tried some senior shafts and got on well with them even though it hurts the ego a bit. I noticed however the shaft weren't marked "Senior" but "SR" The fitter told me some shaft manufacturers don't use the term Seniors anymore...
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    I was hoping you meant Mike (Johnathan Banks). I thought he was great in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul. I'd love to see him playing a similar character in a movie or series of his own. I do like Bob Odenkirk as well though.
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    Books - what are you reading just now?

    Very impressed with the Shardlake books by CJ Sansom. Stumbled on one by accident and, so impressed, I searched out the rest of the series on ebay and read them all. Several great characters. Nice thick books too averaging around 650 - 850 pages. No padding, every page engrossing. I can't wait...
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    Books - what are you reading just now?

    I love his Bernie Gunther character. I've got Metropolis but have held back on reading it as I'm going to re-read the whole lot in order again soon. Oddly, I haven't really enjoyed Kerr's other non Gunther books much. Have you seen the German made TV series Babylon Berlin? Brilliant series...
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    Cancelling custom fit irons order?

    Cancelling Custom Fit has come up on the forum before. The key is Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act if you paid by credit card. Companies such as AG will point out there clause saying contract cannot be cancelled on custom fit products. Yes they can, if you have not received them in a...
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    Spectator takes Rory's Club

    Even if it was a joke action should be taken, otherwise it sends a message that it's ok to the other prats out there. The incident with Chris Whitty was clearly a bit of "laddish buffoonery" but people shouldn't have to tolerate these idiots.
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    Ping irons -current lead times?

    Enough, I hope :D Included a gap wedge in my order and got my trusty Vokey Lob :)
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    Golf Random Irritations

    I know :D
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    Golf Random Irritations

    Thorpe Wood GC. It's the Orton Meadows course that's the problem