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    Shot Vision App

    Has anyone else tried the Shot Vision App? A friend recommended it to me over the weekend and I gave it a bit of a test this morning when at the range and it seems to be a nice little app. The basic app is free and then if you want the more in depth set of data it’s £6 per month or £40 per year...
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    Adidas golf hoddie

    Personally I can’t see it being a problem especially for the winter season, might turn a few heads in the spring/summer from the fashion police though (strangely enough these guys also seem to be the fun police, who would have guessed it!?).
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    Course Types/Approach for Beginners

    I put 1 into the trees off the first myself just this morning, everyone does it from time to time, even if you watch the pro’s they still hit some terrible shots... the best advice I can give is play your game and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks or scores, you’ll enjoy it much more...
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    Course Types/Approach for Beginners

    Yeah just get out and play, you’ll end up messing with your head by overthinking it. If anything I’d say make sure to take a drink, some snacks and plan appropriately for the weather conditions of the day, beyond that just enjoy it.
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    Is a £169 Package Set Worth it?

    That’s what I thought, the YouTubers still go around and play good consistent golf with a package set so is there as much of a difference or has the brand marketing made its way into all of our heads and we’ve become brand snobs... obviously there are technologies at work in the bigger brands...
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Knotty Hill - A Course... (the local), scored an abysmal 63 to get around 9 holes... Still, a bad day at golf beats any day at work!
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    Golf after Heart Attack

    I’d say it’s too soon, my Dads had two and it was months before he was fit-and-well again (he has other heart complications and was kept in for 24 days after the second). If it were me I’d be very careful and look to build myself back up to it, theres things much more important than playing golf.
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    Is a £169 Package Set Worth it?

    My Dad likes to get out for a round with me on the last Sunday of every month, he hasn’t been playing for that long so just uses my clubs, his birthday is just around the corner and I was tempted to grab him one of the Sports Direct package sets... now I know most people are against package sets...
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    Bag Set-ups!

    Currently:- Driver: 12° 3 Wood: 15° 5 Wood: 18° 5 Iron: 23° 6 Iron: 26° 7 Iron: 30° 8 Iron: 35° 9 Iron: 40° PW: 45° Wedge 1: 50° / 11° Wedge 2: 56° / 12° Putter Could probably squeeze a 4H between the 5i and 5w, leaving me 1 space for maybe a 60° wedge.
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    Show Your Swing:- A Swing Advice and Critique Thread.

    . Are there any drills to help with head position, I would love to be able to swing it like Rory (or most Pro’s for that matter), they guys a machine in how he can replicate that every time, guess that’s why he’s pro lol! I’m really struggling with the head movement part, are there any...
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    Show Your Swing:- A Swing Advice and Critique Thread.

    A few weeks back I posted a thread around the changes I’d made to my grip, it felt horrible for my next few rounds and practice sessions but over time it’s started to become a lot more comfortable and I feel confident now when using it (some of the advice I received here was great). At the time...
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    Local lockdown - phew!

    So 1-ball is all good then?
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    What is the next course you are playing?

    Playing Knotty Hill in Co.Durham with a few guys from work tonight, we actually look onto the course from one of our offices which is nice. I believe we are doing A+B but probably won’t get all 18 in, will be my first time using the Taylormade app so I’ll see what I make of it.
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    Almost ever shot is going left now

    My playing partners just tell me what club I need... they know more about my game than I do lol (I j/k but seriously, when I just started I would get club advice as I didn’t know my distances). I think it’s a good thing to have a rough idea of what you’ll be hitting each club and as others have...
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    Equipment Resale - Buying into the hype?

    I don’t know if many of the people on here are also part of the Facebook ”Buy, Sell & Swap” golf pages but one thing I’ve noticed over the last few months is the huge volume of this years equipment already up for sale, some are even listed with info such as “only tried twice at driving range” or...