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    Beginner Lessons - Co.Durham // Teesside Area?

    Mike Whitfield is the pro at Knotty, I'd highly recommend him, he's busy too but worth the wait IMO.
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    Trilby Tour on FreesportHD Can't find it on Sky Sports but it's on Sky channel 422. One on tonight 11.30 and next week same time.
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    Old Farts v Whippersnapper 2020.

    ["TopOfTheFlop, 1 Smiffy 2 jobr1850 (Single) 3 Dando 4 Mark 5 Badger (Single) 6 Crow (Single) 7 Imurg 8 chrisd (Single) 9 Khamelion (single) 10 Virtuocity (Single) 11 Jimboh (Single) 12 SteveW86 (Single) 13 Fragger 14 Grumpyjock (Single) 15 DaveMC 16 BlueinMunich (Single) 17 Kraxx. ( Single ) 18...
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    Old Farts v Whippersnappers............... THE TEAMS!!!

    STEVEW86 - Steve Wilson 15 against Heavy grebo - Tony Dunn 12 Probably 🤔
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    Are We Being Conned

    I bought a R9 Supertri last year, it was a similar price as that R7. It's very forgiving for an older model and maybe just a few yards shorter than my fitted G30, (I've set it up like my current driver) but not many. Today's drivers are way over priced for the gains you make IMO. There are...
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    cover songs that were better than the original

    The Cranberries-Zombie...done much better by Bad Wolves imo. never liked the original but love the Bad Wolves version. Apparently Delores was supposed to sing on it but died before recording.
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    Dash cams - any recommendations

    Another one for Nextbase, even the entry level models are decent quality. I bought one of those Chinese finest off eBay for £40 first but it failed after just a few months. I think these cameras are becoming essential as some insurance companies don't bother investigating minor accidents, in...
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    Putters - how many

    12...and I love them all 🙄 They're all different, well mostly...centre shafted, heel shafted, blades, bigguns smaller ones but I use the Odysee 7 more than anything else now but I'd never part with the other 11... I may have a problem 🤔
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    Odyssey Putters Design Flaw?

    I've had my old Dunlop putter for best part of 15 years, it's had 2 new heads, a new shaft and 7 new grips..."if you look after your putter it'll look after you" cheers Trigger 😁
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    I miss my remote!

    Only 2 left now Bill sold 2 in the summer, and I'm not planning on buying any more soon.... garage was overflowing.
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    (Almost) Free golf at Tyneside

    Any day for me Bill please, always a treat to play at Tyneside.
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    Cheap new Zstars just bought 2 boxes and they do take offers, if you don't mind logos on a ball.
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    Can't post/write anything in forums

    Once I write something I get a quick message up about mods but that only flashes up for a second then it's gone, and nothing appears on the thread, not sure this will post.