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    Fairway Mats

    Are we having them again next year do you know?
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    Where would you play your last round of golf?

    Got to be Silloth. Best course in the world IMO.
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    Silloth on Solway

    Great hole!
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    How far do you travel? And how far would you travel?

    Nowhere near Silloth’s league in my opinion! Would choose Cleveland over Seaton too!
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    How far do you travel? And how far would you travel?

    Member at Silloth but live in Sunderland. About 2 hours door to door. Worth it to be a member at such a prestigious club and outstanding course.
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    Looking for a coach in the Newcastle/North East area

    Simon Robinson at Close House.
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    Silloth on Solway

    Only played it with the wind that way once, was bloody impossible!
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    Ping G425 SFT Driver

    Anyone got one or the regular reversion? Any thoughts?!
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    What would you score at Royal St George's?

    Single figure handicapper plays it from one tee up from the pros. Says he is playing it from the tips today, with the pins in Sunday’s positions. Be interesting to see how he gets on!
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    Hillside v Birkdale

    Wasn’t a huge fan of Birkdale to be honest. I really wanted to love it but was left underwhelmed.
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    £1 Golf Membership

    Hi all, A few months ago someone posted a link to a GC near Bath who offered membership for £1, obviously you had to pay green fees etc but it would enable people to have a handicap. Does anyone know what the club was? Thanks.
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    Back to Winter

    We no doubt seen you at that time! Yep very tough on the way back in. Does the worry of nailing one of the houses on 18 ever go away ha?!
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    Back to Winter

    We got 36 in today, was wonderful!
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    Scottsdale Golf

    Hi all, Thanks for your responses. I personally wouldn’t have minded the dents, however, as they were a present I expect them to be in perfect condition! I’ve received a response and they agreed the packaging was poor and have agreed to replace them! Also, I didn’t post a picture of the...
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    Scottsdale Golf

    Thanks for that! Good to know!