Titleist AP2 714 3i-Gw irons


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Feb 14, 2016
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Having recently upgraded my clubs, I am offering my previous "backup" set of forged goodness of Titleist AP2 714 for sale. A chance to get probably the best AP2s ever made. :)

A note from the original Titleist (St Ives) fitting in Jun 2015:
Model: 714 AP2, Composition: 6 - PW, Shaft: Rifle Project X (Band S2a), Flex: Rifle 5.5, Length: Mens +1/2", Grip: - Titleist Tour Velvet 360º (Logo UP), Grip Size: Standard, Loft: Standard, Lie: 6-9 2°up / PW 1°up
I later added 3-5i and Gw. The lies would probably need checking as they "move" in normal use and can be easily adjusted to anyone's preference.

The grips are now MMC (except Gw - CP2 Pro). Used the set for just over 1.5 years of playing once a week at most, as upgraded to Srixons 565s in Apr 2017.

Pdf with images is attached.

They seem to go in the £200-£300 on eBay for the standard 4i-Pw sets. How about £250 + postage at cost?