Incredibly Frustrating Game!!

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Oct 20, 2013
Sandhurst, Berkshire.
So this week I have decided to put a lot of time into my game and booked a full bag fitting tomorrow (theres another thread on this topic) and I booked in with friends 3 rounds (2 x 9 holes and a 18 hole).

So Monday I play 9 holes and shoot 49, scoring 16 stableford, not bad I thought as its my first round within my handicap this year. I knew I had a problem with my putting so I went to the putting green yesterday and practised.

Today I hit the fairways again. 9 holes at a local course. I had an phenomenal round. I shot 11 over which included a 7 on a par 3 scoring 22 stableford! I was stoked.

This afternoon however is another story. I had a mare on the first 2 holes with an 8 and a no scoring double lost ball. I managed to get into the swing of things and pulled 13 points through the 9 holes. Not amazing but with two blobs on the first two holes and then another horrid par 3 I was satisfied it was coming together.

I hit the back 9 on a bit of buzz feeling that I could make a come back and tear it up. Suffice to say this was not the case and I ended up with only 5 points on the back to give me a total of 18. To say it was an anti climax is an understatement.

I cannot believe I can have 3 completely different rounds in a week!

So now I am in that horrible place where I wish I had stuck to only the 9 holes today. Not good!


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Aug 10, 2011
Manchester, UK
This is the same inconsistency that keeps my (unofficial) handicap hovering somewhere around the 20 mark. Yesterday it was off the tee and longer irons where I shone but from 100yds and in, I was abysmal.

I'm sure all of us higher handicappers know that there is a good golfer somewhere in us, its just bringing that golfer out when its needed. I have rounds when I hit 80% of my shots almost as good as I feel I could have done but its that 20% where everything's gets ruined.

I feel like a very inconsistent 10 handicapper than a 20 handicapper most of the time :D.