Cobra stand bag, Cleveland wedges, Adams 3+ Wood...

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Nov 30, 2010
St. Andish
The time has come to streamline my spares bag.. The kids have finally reclaimed the understairs storage area, so this stuff has to go ;)..

Cobra stand bag.. Bought earlier this year and used 3/4 times before going back to my old Mizuno bag (which is now custom moulded to my shoulders).. Some light marking from the occasional use, and also being stored under the stairs.. Everything in full working order.. £50 plus delivery
IMG_1261.jpg IMG_1263.jpg IMG_1264.jpg

Cleveland 588 RTX 2.0 52-10 and 58-10 wedges - Black - DG Spinner shaft.. Bought from Clubhouse golf this Spring. Used over the Summer, then retired when I realized that I preferred the heavier weight of the Cobra wedges. Good condition. £35 each plus delivery OR £70 the pair delivered..
IMG_1249.jpg IMG_1250.jpg IMG_1252.jpg

Adams Fast Speed 12 3+ 13* Wood. Prolaunch Blue stiff shaft. Average condition for age. Grip still has a few years left in it.. A real low launch, long distance fairway finder. Just as long as most Drivers, and more consistent.. £25 plus delivery..
IMG_1253.jpg IMG_1255.jpg IMG_1256.jpg IMG_1257.jpg IMG_1259.jpg

All items can be picked up from just north of Wigan, right off J27 of the M6.. Any questions, feel free to ask on this thread or PM.. Looking forward to hearing from you..



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Nov 24, 2013
DANNY! ive not bought anything for ages (booked in for a srixon iron fitting on Friday, but that doesnt count) that is a nice bag...

Have a free bump while i think on it

And don't you dare pm me an offer of £35 cash if I pick it up by thursday :D