Adidas Ultraboost Golf

Shooter McPowick

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Apr 2, 2016
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I’ve never had an issue with Adidas shoes other than the sizes always seem to be 1 smaller. I’m a UK 9 in everything else I can think of like Nike, Footjoy and Ecco but I’m a 10 in adidas.

Having done a lot of running over the years, my favourite running shoes have always been adidas, I can’t remember how many pairs I’ve been through but it’s a lot and they’ve never let me down. I have been looking forward to the Ultraboost Golf being released and they don’t disappoint. Just like my first pair of 360 SL’s they are ridiculously comfortable straight out of the box, quite noticeable how lightweight they are too. Released perfectly in time with the start of summer golf, these are going to rack up some miles over summer!

When browsing online there are 3 colour options, core black, silver pebble/olive and grey two. I noticed the grey two were quite white looking online but in hand I’d say the real colour is a tiny bit darker - much to my relief. A white prime knit (fabric) shoe would be a worry to keep clean.

Now I know these aren’t to everyone’s tastes, these aren’t my only pair of golf shoes. These are aimed more at the 9 holes after work kind of golf where there’s no messing about changing shoes beforehand. Out of the car and onto the tee is why I got these. The treads are very supple and on wooden or tiled floors they feel like a normal pair of trainers / sneakers with plenty of grip. Shoes like the PRO SL’s I find can be slippery on the car pedals, these definitely aren’t.

On the course, on a relatively dry day (tiny a bit of dew in the beginning) they felt like they had plenty of grip, I certainly didn’t notice my feet slipping about. When it comes to support I would say they’re not quite as rigid as something like my FJ PRO SL’s but, and I know this is very subjective, I didn’t feel like they lacked support - they just make the PRO SL’s feel a bit heavy and uncomfortable…. While the FJ’s are perfectly comfortable for 18 holes, I feel like 36 in the ultraboost would be an easy feat!

After 1 round, the foam ultraboost is still very clean, thankfully Hindhead isn’t at all muddy. Time will tell but I think the foam will discolour eventually. All in all I can’t really fault them for the purpose I bought them. Put simply, they’re running shoes with an aggressive tread pattern. 10/10 from me.


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Dec 17, 2018
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These look nice, but they are not waterproof so not suitable for me to wear in the UK. I spend a lot of time in the rough, so even in summer evenings I need something that will keep my feet dry from dew.

Funny that you go a size up for adidas... I usually have to go a size smaller (8-8.5 wide fit for adidas and 9 standard fit for everything else). Just shows we all have different feet!