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    If I end up being your caddie, I'm bringing my taser. :ROFLMAO:
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    I occasionally caddie at RSG, the normal tip given ranges from £10 -£40 and I've had an £100 tip before by a guy whom has more money than sense.
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    Possible Golf membership Interview questions ???

    I get on alright with him, but I do know that for most he's like marmite.
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    Possible Golf membership Interview questions ???

    I stay way out of club politics!
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    Possible Golf membership Interview questions ???

    Oh god yeah, got the elections for a new president/chairman going on at the moment at our place :rolleyes:
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    54 Handicappers - Scourge or Scarcity ?

    I think the highest at ours is a 41 hcp but I've not seen nor played with them, yet.
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    Possible Golf membership Interview questions ???

    Those questions sound unnecessary and full of agendas not related to whether someone can join a golf club to me. If I got asked that I'd go to another club.
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    Gender Free/Neutral Tees

    Honestly think that tees should be a preference on the person playing/competition set rather than gender. For example we have a lot of young (11-15) juniors that play off in the low hcp figures that can hold their own off the back tees and will play off them instead of the reds. In contrast we...
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    Do you love your putter?

    Love/hate most of the time.
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    So what are you listening to at the moment?

    Siouxise and the banshees atm
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    Is having 3 hybrids in the bag overkill?

    Funny enough I prefer to use a wood over a hybrid. Tell me what's the 7 wood like out the rough? I'm only asking as I'm thinking of getting a 7 wood, only issue is finding one that isn't a senior or regular flex.
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    Incorrect Attire For Work

    I used to work on a proactive task force and we wore plain clothes/drove around in unmarked cars and a lad turned up in flip flops and shorts. He got sent home to change and had to buy a lot of coffees and doughnut for his transgression.
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    Swing thoughts, terrible results

    I have been playing quite a bit minimum of twice a week. I may try a break from it see what happens.
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    That looks terrible! I've got the p790 and nothing like that has happened to the shafts - I've got Project X 6.0 and they look brand new.
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    Swing thoughts, terrible results

    Yeah I'm changing to Bruce and got a lesson booked next week!