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    Golf Analogies : Best & Worst

    So with your experience is the analogy correct?
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    Should you replace divots in the rough?

    perhaps we should resurrect one of his “bigger holes” threads :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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    iPhone steps in bag

    I have a fitbit and average about 17000 steps over 18 holes and is 6700 yards.
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    Bernard Cribbins R.I.P.

    I read his biography, a great read and eye opening. Apart from his varied entertainment history he also had good stories of his service in the Paras.
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    Recommend me a golf ball retriever

    I have the winning retriever from the review in my bag. I use it more for retrieving fellow player’s balls than my own. When my ball goes in the pond the 14ft reach is way too short 😂 It’s great for reaching your ball in the gorse. Be aware that the advertised 14ft “reach” includes your arm!
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    So, what gives you the most satisfaction?

    playing out of a deep pot bunker and getting it close to the pin is a real big lift to my spirits
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    Matsuyama Disqualified

    When I first saw the picture a I thought it was just the centre, but you can make out that it is also around the edge of the face.
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    Course/Club Recommendations Near Ampthill (Bedfordshire)

    The original 1st tee was down the path so it was in direct line down the fairway to the green. When I played it last year it was a really rough tee in amongst some trees behind the ninth green, I thought it was only temporary. From the old tee the green was reachable for a rubbish player like...
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    Would you wear a pair of 'joggers' to play golf in?

    The notes on page say the model is 6‘ 1” . I suspect these would fit just above the knee for someone like me with a 28” inside leg measurement.
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    Trainers aka training shoes

    I’ve worn trainers as casual shoes since the seventies. Always with socks and the laces tied up. Used to wear Dunlop green flash a lot as well. A shoe I remember from school days were wayfarers with a compass hidden in the heel.
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    I really enjoyed it, but they run out out of ideas for the last couple of series.
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    Resolving stroke play ties

    I agree with you , but I always wonder if you can really apply that to a Shotgun start. Although I’m a high handicapper I believe, in the case of a tie in strokeplay, the win should go to the lower gross score.
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    The Putter

    I had a junior putter in the 70’s which I used and kept for many years. had another forgettable one then when I restarted playing in 2013 I bought an odyssey white hot 2-ball which was a magic wand especially after fitting an oversize grip. I did have to swap the optional weight after putting on...
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    What length is your driver? Have you changed it from the standard club length?

    I had a G30 with 0.5” taken off. I recently bought a G425 and again with 0.5” taken off. The G425 goes further than my Old G30, but what made the biggest difference was the G425 had a flatter lie settings. I am much more consistent both in dispersion and distance. I have always thought the toe...
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    It’s one of those programmes that you can watch again a find funny bits you missed before. Victoria Wood’s writing brilliance at its best.