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    FS - Ping i210 irons

    And a set with a matching chipper!
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    New GM Top 100 - how many have you played?

    I have played 54 of the top 100 and 21 of the next 100. So far I have got 2 new top 100 courses, and 1 next 100 course booked in for this year.
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    Wedge advice

    I have 4 wedges. PW at 45, GW from my set at 49, and Vokey 54 and 58. I generally have them all in the bag for the courses I normally play, but if playing a longer course i will take out the GW and add a hybrid or 3 iron
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    Golfing milestones you would like to achieve?

    Hope you are well Steve! Yes still at Ferndown.
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    Golfing milestones you would like to achieve?

    I will take you up on that offer (y)
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    Golfing milestones you would like to achieve?

    Haha not at my current club!
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    Golfing milestones you would like to achieve?

    Win club champs Play in Open qualifying Play all Open rota courses Pay GB&I top 100 courses
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    Open weeks and/or multi day opens

    Haha I didnt actually know about it until I saw this thread! I havent played in the S&A/Formby 72 hole event before but might have a look at that. I played in the Hillside/Birkdale 72 hole event a few years ago and would definitely do that one again! You should look at these as well Sam if you...
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    Open weeks and/or multi day opens

    I have put an entry in for this, looks like a really good event! I played Hoylake once in winter, some of the winter tee positions completely changed the holes! So would be great to play it again when its a bit firmer and off the back tees, although hopefully not the Open tees unless the...
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    Open Competitions 2021

    I am good thanks Phil, hope all good with you. No doubt I will see you at either RND or Saunton then!
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    Open Competitions 2021

    I have also entered the Easter Medal at RND, and Easter Challenge at Saunton Also entered the 36 hole open at Burnham and Berrow, and got the Eden tournament at St Andrews in August., fingers crossed these will go ahead this year! After that I am not too sure at the moment, I want to try and...
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    Peter Allis RIP

    Does anyone know whether the BBC have scheduled an upcoming programme about him and his life?
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    Course & Slope Rating discussion points

    I dont quite fully understand this all yet as not been following it too closely but surely you would get extra shots wouldnt you? My understanding is that the slope only gives an indication of the total difference between a scratch and 18/20 handicap golfers score, so the higher the slope means...
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    Wanted - Coach Sth Hants

    Would recommend Martin Butcher who teaches at Hedge End Golf Centre
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    The forums best holes

    No hard feelings Nick! :) Agree Broadstone is on a great piece of land and its the sort of course that could reach top 50 in UK in next 5 or so years if they make the right changes etc, they seem to be moving in the right direction which is good. I don't think Ferndown or Parkstone have the...