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    PXG Gen 3 feedback

    Does anyone have any feedback of the PXG Gen3 irons? I was going to search for the information but you cannot search for 3 letter words ;-)
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    Golf grips

    I have tiny hands and play with midsize + 3 layers of tape, just feels more comfortable. use as their service is great.
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    Is Rory done?

    nailed it tonight, so I guess the answer to the question is : NO
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    Ryder Cup 2023 Team

    Europe just doesnt have the talent that they have in the USA at the moment. Viktor Hovland is maybe the brightest star, other than that we are some way behind. But hasn't that always been the case :-)
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    Calling all golfers! Help with collecting data for Psychology research dissertation on golf

    Done, how is Edinburgh? my daughter is thinking about going there to study psychology too.
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    Golf goals..Which would you rather?

    a few hundred on lessons, new clubs from ebay, flight to Edinburgh, hire care to Dundee play St.Andrews or Carnoustie.
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    Power Flex Swing Trainer - any good?

    I have one made by Skillz, its ok for warming up you can grab them on ebay for about 40GBP SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer | eBay the best training tool I have is Tour Rotation Stick | #1 Training Aid In Golf | Used By Tour Pros ( , which is just great also this is good, but I...
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    Youtube Golf

    Alex Evans has the best channel. Dan Hendricksen and sometimes Crossfield for vlogs. Zen Golf Academy, Mike Malaska and Danny Maude for tips. Hasfit and Stick Mobility for fitness
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    Where do you buy your golf clubs from?

    ebay for all the clubs I have had, with the exception of my putter which was fit by Andy Paisley at Hexham. I know what specs I need and what works best for me. I've always fancied a set of nice Mizuno's custom fit, but tbh I'd rather spend that sort of money on my kids.
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    new clubs for 2021

    was going to buy a new set of irons (to me), but because of B. this will not be possible, the tax and import duties to Germany are now a joke :-(
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    Golf grips

    I used to do my grips every year but changed to Tacki Mac itomic 2, midsize with 4 layers of tape on the top. These are terrific grips and last for ages.
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    Salted Golf Smart Insole

    no, but I've been looking at them, not sure I'd pay 200 for them though. How are they?
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    5-wood recommendations?

    Adams Tight Lies 2, just a fantastic club from the tee or fairway.
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    Tee Times hack? Anyone got a hack/code? We use IG

    didnt know InstaGram had tee times
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    Fading eyesight and Disappearing Drives?

    if the light is fading a touch then maybe try a UV torch, if you shine one on a ball it will glow purple.