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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    It is exactly the point. You chose not to wear a mask and attend a large function yet are concerned about people not wearing masks and attending large functions. If the only thing that stops you doing things that you believe are potentially harmful to you and your family is direct intervention...
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    MP Stabbed at Constituency

    Deleted, news already posted.
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Would you have felt comfortable if someone else had ruled that you had to wear a mask as opposed to being able to make that choice yourself? (or even the choice to attend a large indoor gathering?) Are you concerned about the lack of rules or that you have choice and chose not to exercise it?
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Apparently all those who may have been effected will be contacted by Test and Trace.
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    Panic buying fuel

    No issues around here since last week, if anything filling stations quieter than usual as I assume stocks have moved from refineries to individuals tanks. Oh and by the way the supermarket shelves seem pretty full too.
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    We have in effect renationalised some public services, it is just that the Nationalised bodies are not from the UK. DB rail franchises is Deutsche Bahn the German equivalent of British Rail and EDF is Electricite de France the French equivalent of the Electricity Board. Some of Europe decided to...
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    Steps in bunker.

    If the ball stops a foot or so from the bottom step in the bunker and your swing is impeded by the step, then you possibly do not have a nearest point of relief that is not nearer the hole. I assume in this case it is just play it as it lies or drop outside the bunker with a 1 shot penalty?
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    Panic buying fuel

    Drove to Cornwall and back (from Bristol way) over the last couple of days (panic golfing before the weather runs out) and no signs whatsoever of a fuel crisis anywhere.
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    Putting fuel in to your tank

    Do those that only fill a little bit of their tank at a time also just fill their washer fluid up to a third full when it becomes low, how about oil? What is the benefit of going to a filling station 3 times more often than needed?
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    Putting fuel in to your tank

    Unless you can’t afford it at the time, I can see no valid reason for not filling the tank every time you are approaching a level that concerns you (based on your personal petrol/diesel range anxiety). Doing anything else just means spending more time at filling stations. Maybe it’s an Alan...
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    Criteria for introduction/removal of Preferred Lies

    Would scores be acceptable for handicap with E-2 in place for all the general area?
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    James Bond

    At 2 hours 43 minutes better by a lot of snacks!
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    Watched the first episode of the final season of Goliath, typically odd but BBT is such a presence, looking forward to the rest.
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    Katie Price

    I dread to think how many cars that bridge must have taken out over the years, sober or not.
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    Panic buying fuel

    Seems to be easing round this way now.