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    PXG 0311 GEN 2 irons

    I am a 20 handicap and ordered the 0311 gen 3 P irons and could hit them no problem. I only go 6 iron up as I have a 5 hybrid.
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    PXG 0311 GEN 2 irons

    Also have a look at the gen 2 0211 irons , only £75 a stick. I have had them for a year just changed to gen 3 0311P irons. Only reason I changed was I wanted a smaller head. The polymer inside the 0211 and 0311 gen 3 heads are exactly the same. Only difference is 0211 irons are cast. I have a...
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    Srixon Divide Balls

    I like them, my normal ball is the qstar tour and not noticed any distance loss with them.
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    Garmin ct10 sensors

    I have a full set and it is tracking my chips and puts ok. It sometimes misses realy short chips, but I check if it has detected it after I hit the shot if not I add it manually on the watch. It has shown how bad my chipping is I only get up and down 25% of the time from my chips. I also have...
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    PXG Fairways

    I have the 0211 3w,5w,7w and they are longer and easier to hit and feel and sound better than my previous fairways which were callaway mavrik
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    Stand bag / Cart bag / Tour bag

    Depends on your trolley, I have the mottocaddy m7 trolley and my tour bag fits on it without having to sit it on its side and I can get access to all my pockets. All miseries trolleys will fit a tour bag.
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    Motocaddy Dry Series Bag 2020 query

    I put my putter there as well, I think it is meant for the putter.
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    Cart/trolley bag with 6/7 dividers?

    Motocaddy aqua flex bags have 5 dividers, they are stand bags that are also designed to fit on a trolley.
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    PXG 0211 Driver

    The driver is not as to tingy as the ping, but its not as muted as the cobra. It's in between and it's not unpleasant, It sounds fine to me. As for the irons even though they are strong lofted the 7 iron launches as a 7 iron with a bit more distance. I have no problem hitting 7 ,8.9, irons...
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    PXG 0211 Driver

    Ok they only have a few stock shafts and there is no upcharge for stock graphite shafts. I love mine, they feel fantastic and to be honest they feel better than the forged gen2 irons I used to have.
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    PXG 0211 Driver

    I have a full bag of PXG clubs, however they are the cheaper 0211 line, which are cheaper than your other main brands. They are working for me as my handicap index has went from 21.6 to 18.4. I have had clubs from all the major brands and the PXG set has been the best set for me so far, whether...
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    PXG 0211 Driver

    PXG have had a price cut again, the 0211 driver is now £205 and the irons are £80, the gen 3 irons are £135, Gen 4 driver is £355
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    Which remote controlled trolley?

    I have a motocaddy m7 remote and my tour bag fits fine on it. All the motocaddy m series trolleys will fit a tour bag fine .
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    Motocaddy charger blip.

    Same happened to me with my motocaddy,worked ok the next time, just thought it was the charger, but it has worked fine since