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    Club V1 Switch - nightmare

    I've just had this problem. I been using BRS, HDID & England APP fine but one of my club members mentioned a ClubV1 app which shows a few more bits and pieces than the others do, so i downloaded it. I received the same error as you and contacted my club, they did find i was on the system twice...
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    Animal Holes

    At the time it didnt cross my mind and I just played my shot but afterwards I thought had my ball been 2 inches further it would of been directly below the grass. Further than that unplayable.
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    Animal Holes

    Would these areas be classed as animal holes? It does look like rabbits have had a go at burrowing and then stopped. Luckily my ball wasnt quite under the lip but could of been and afterwards I thought what if?
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    Golf Random Irritations

    Cant seem to find the buddies and usually the show up as a different colour? Seems most tabs are just showing the same thing
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    Golf Random Irritations

    Has the buddies option gone? And I seem to have stopped receiving confirmation emails when i book?
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    Golf in Anglesey

    Anglesey Golf Course (Rhosneigr). Old course, a true links test. Hard when the wind is up and the greens are very fast.
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    What's your longest iron?

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    My EG golf app problems?

    I've just done my first casual round on Monday and I noticed this too. Round got listed and my HI changed. This seems to different to a comp score, where the round is listed but the calculation for HI is done over night
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    Yep theres another one.... who knows which one 🙃
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    Anyone got any good reviews on rangefinders? Not looking at the brightest and best bushnell, maybe the tier below, shotscope, motocaddy etc.? Currently have a G10 Garmin for F/M/B
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    Ping irons -current lead times?

    I ordered 2 glide wedges and got told 4 weeks and came in slightly earlier (free days) 😁 got to play them today very happy.
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    Competition: What golf glove do you wear and why?

    Never really thought about a particular glove just wore one from the best deals... However got given a Titleist Perma-soft with iron set purchase last year and was very impressed, so bought a few for this year.
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    Sharing clubs in 4bbb

    But youd have 27 clubs between you?
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Yep agreed, played on Wednesday got 33 points didn't think much about it. Had a look before i went out last night for our 1st round 4BBB KO and i had dropped 0.1 and put me in the next band below losing a shot. Lucky i checked! :)
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    World Handicap System (WHS)

    Definitely we have the same but we all make sure we check the app before we go out as your HI can move without you thinking it might (dropping a counting score etc.)