Ping G10 irons, 3 wood and Driver


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Jun 7, 2011
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Just treated myself to a new set of sticks so have my G10's to sell on. All clubs are authentic Ping products, please feel free to check serial numbers with Ping. Irons will be packaged and delivered in the packaging my Cobra Amp's came in, so don't be alarmed when they turn up in Cobra labelled bags and box.

Irons- Serial No: W30614
4-SW (8 clubs), regular flex steel shafts, black dot (standard length and lie). Re-gripped about 4 months ago with Golf Pride Tour Velvets. All clubs have general usage marks as you would expect, grooves are all in fantastic condition. SW and PW both have a small chip on the bounce of the head probably from a stone in a bunker, but they aren't noticeable at address and don't effect anything.

Grips - 10/10
Shafts - 8/10
Heads - 6-7/10

£260 delivered

3 Wood - Serial No: 134909F3
15.5 degree, TFC129 regular flex shaft. Re-gripped about 4 months ago with Golf Pride Touer Velvet grip. A few sky marks on the top, but am happy to say that none were caused by me. Small area of bag rub on the shaft but very minimal. Comes with G15 head cover due to my original head cover going walkabouts and a G15 one was all I could get my hands on. Picture makes the sky marks look worse than they actually are.

Grip - 10/10
Shaft - 7/10
Head - 6/10

£70 delivered

Driver - Serial No: 428767D3
10.5 degree, ProForce V2 High Launch regular flex shaft. Less than 1 year old and in excellent condition. A faint scratch on the top of the head but nothing major. Standard Ping grip still in excellent condition. Comes with head cover which is in excellent condition.

Grip - 8/10
Shaft - 10/10
Head - 9/10

£90 delivered

Would prefer collection in person. Will accept paypal gift or bank transfer.

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Dec 27, 2011
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Price drops:

Hi you may be asking a bit much, i sold my G10 irons and got less than £200 !!

G15 driver new in AG is only £129, so G10 i guess is about right as is the 3 wood

You may have a better result if the prices are more realistic