congratulations Paddy!


Assistant Pro
Jul 1, 2006
big congrats to Harrington on winning his first order of merit - long overdue but he was well worth it in the end

hard lines on Casey and Howell who as various points this year must have thought they'd got it sewn up - I;m sure they'll both have their day in the future

what a final day's play in the Volvo Masters - Singh was top drawer, Garcia very exciting and Harrington showed real guts to hold it together especially at 17


GM Staff
Oct 17, 2006
I completely agree- what a superb way to end the European season-it had every thing. I was convinced that Singh’s unorthodox approach would falter under the pressure but he played superbly-his shot into seventeen in particular showed that the win was fully deserved.

Once again Valderama was the perfect setting-that back nine is so good that nothing was decided until the very end.

A superb display by Harrington on the back nine was great to watch but you have to feel for Howell and Casey who were so close!