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    Hardest course you’ve played, and why?

    We also played the 'extra' holes first time round, and didn't bother on round 2 When we arrived there wasn't anyone in the kitchen so we were asked to play the front nine, then come in to have breakfast. It was quite bizarre, but worked out well.
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    Hardest course you’ve played, and why?

    I've played 36 on the European and quite enjoyed it. Mind you, I did manage to stay out of 'most' of those horrible bunkers.
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    Which Open Championship venue would you most like to play?

    I've only played Birkdale from that list, but will be ticking off Portrush next month. But I voted for the Old Course, Probably not the most attractive, or difficult, but steeped in history and it's a bucket list course for me.
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    Hardest course you’ve played, and why?

    For me, probably St Mellion - Nicklaus. Played it 3 times and each time it chewed me up.
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    Travel Between N Ireland and Ireland - Covid19
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    Tee Times - Staying or Going

    We're voting on this issue now. We have always been rock up and take your chance, and I can honestly say I've never had to wait long to get out. Booking has never worked for me at a previous club, being self employed they are sometimes when I get a bit of free time and fancy a knock. At my...
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    Washing machine recommendations

    We had Bosch for years (10+), had it repaired a few times. When it finally gave up the ghost we bought a new Bosch, this wasn't the same build quality, packed up after about 3 years. We got our repair man in, he couldn't fix it, all sealed units that would have taken more time to repair than it...
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    Unplayable Lie

    Personally, I wouldn't class giving someone 'rule options' advice.
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    Nomads to get official handicaps

    That's good news for me. The way my current club keeps raising the subs year on year, I'm worried I won't be able to afford the membership in my retirement. This would give me the option to play some opens in the summer without a massive club subscription.
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    Masters 2020

    I don't have sky sports and couldn't be bothered to wait up for BBC coverage, so watched a couple of hours of Amen Corner on my tablet. No adverts, continuous coverage, that'll do for me.
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    Yes or No to yardage book/scorecard holders? and if yes share yours 📸

    It's great when my fellow competitors have a score card holder, it keeps my card crisp and clean (pre-covid). Me, I don't bother with one and return their card wrinkled and creased, and possibly damp if we've had some rain. ;)
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    Help 4 Heroes Bearwood Lakes Charity Golf Day - Monday 21st September 2020

    The annual H4H day is always a highlight in my golfing calendar. This didn't disappoint, from arrival to departure the day was fantastic. I was up and back in a day this year after playing in a mixed open at St Enodoc on the Sunday. (Not quite the mileage of Kraxx, only a 320 mile round trip for...
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    H4H List of players - Bearwood Lakes

    Early for me please Rich. I'm up and back in a day this year, so an early start should help me miss the traffic.
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Please don't turn this into a political thread... we have enough of those already.
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Is that a euphemism? 🤔😂