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    Clicgear Cozy

    I feel a bit stupid now as I had completely missed the bit about it fitting other branded carts. :oops: Either way if anyone does stumble across this thread I can certainly vouch for how good the product is at both stabilsing stand bags but also protecting the legs when against the trolley!
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    Clicgear Cozy

    Has anyone used a Clicgear Cozy on any other trollies apart from Clicgears? I've had one in the past and it was brilliant for keeping stand bags secure but I've now got a motocaddy and wanting to go back to a single stand bag so I'm wondering if I can make this work...
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    Par 6's and 7's

    There is a 712 yard par 5 at Styrrup Hall and to be honest I just find it boring. It's a talking point I guess but I find these longer holes tend to lack character
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    Playing golf with a hangover - tips?

    Electrolyte tablets are your friend here. Something like high5 zero or SIS. One with water before bed and again in the morning.
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    Win a pair of FootJoy shoes

    Thomas USA 15-13
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    Win three FootJoy Premium Performance gloves

    Rahm USA 15 - 13
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    Buffing and polishing of heads - any advice

    I tend to use Bar Keepers Friend which cleans up my irons great. I've not tried it on rust spots but I believe it should work really well.
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    Waterproof recommendations?

    I've just double checked which I have and it is a paclite one: I suspect it's probably a size too small once I have a couple of layers on but I just find it either non breatheable in the summer or too tight in the...
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    Which ball for £15 a dozen

    If not the AD333 then I've always loved the Bridgestones(E6 etc) for the money although they may have crept up to the £20 mark by now. EDIT: also can't go wrong with the Wilson Staff balls in the budget range
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    Waterproof recommendations?

    After the recent downpours and thinking ahead for the Autumn/Winter I'm keen to canvas opinions on what have been your favourite waterproofs. I've previously had a Ping F3D suit that served me well for a long time and then replaced with Adidas Gore-Tex which I've become to loath as it's...
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    Recommend a waterproof cart bag (see post 5)

    I can only personally vouch for the H2NO staff bags but it doesn't seem that AG have these in at the minute. If I were choosing it would be between the Stadry or the Ping Pioneer Monsoon and the Ping would probably edge it.
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    Zen Golf Mechanics (Marcus Bell + Robin Matthews-Williams)

    Had a couple of lessons with him back in the day when it was about £30. Great guy but the philosophy didn't quite gel with me at the time. To be fair I wanted to go back for a couple of lessons until I saw how much he is charging now :cry:
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    Ping irons -current lead times?

    I was just advised by my pro yesterday that orders for irons placed today are typically waiting until September
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    There's a few at my club that have the Zoom Focus X and they seem really happy with them
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    Am I overreacting (update it was a prank)

    The next email will be that they are charging division 3 players more for their subs because they play more shots than the other divisions.