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    Waterproof Trousers

    I have a pair of UA Goretex trousers that can be worn by themselves. Nice lining, don’t get too sweaty, and more importantly, keep the rain out. I wear them throughout the winter regardless. Nice slim fit too, so don’t flap around in the wind 👍🏻
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Broke 80 again….gross 77 (par 70). Should've been a 73 but a few putts came up short 🙄
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    Winter golf balls

    When I hear someone say “this seasons most winningest team” or the like, I feel like throwing up a little.
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Broke 80 for the first time on Saturday. Gross 79 playing off 12. Sank a 20ft birdie putt on the last hole to finish with 39 points. Only dawned on me as I was lining up my putt that it was for a 79 😂 had three double bogeys as well which were frustrating, but can’t complain too much.
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    Tips for shallowing swing

    Keeping my back at the target whilst I start my downswing has helped me no end. Not saying my fix will work for you, but it certainly worked wonders for my over the top swing.
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    Help for Heroes Charity Golf Day - Blackmoor Golf Club Friday 8th October 2021

    Have fun and raise lots of money! Hopefully I’ll be able to make next years event 🙄
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    Would you buy an electric car?

    Etron ordered! Won’t be getting it until Feb/March next year though.
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    Would you buy an electric car?

    Any etron suv owners on here? Don’t need a significant amount of range, so seems to fit the bill.
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    DAY BEFORE H4H Camberlyheath 7th October 2021

    Need to drop out of this unfortunately ☹️ Work has got in the way again.
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    Hybrid Clubs

    Love my hybrids. Started off with TM Jetspeeds, which were great. Likewise my recent Titleist 816’s. Just upgraded to Ping G425’s and they are by far the easiest hybrids I’ve ever hit. Currently have a 4 and 5 hybrid. Great clubs!
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    Flags and Rakes

    Mike, Wales fully reverted back on the 17th July.
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    Flags and Rakes

    In Wales we had restrictions removed on Saturday. Loved having the option to remove the pin if I wanted to. The hole seemed huge!!
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    For sale - Volvik Rangefinder

    Sold, mods please close.
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    For sale - Volvik Rangefinder

    Been offered £125 on eBay, any takers on here?
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    For sale - Volvik Rangefinder

    £135 posted