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    What's your longest iron?

    3 iron. It doesn't get used much, not long enough off the tee really, and i'm rarely that sort of range from a green - arguably a longish par 3 is the right sort of time for it, especially being able to use a tee. I have a 3 Hybrid, 3 Wood and Driver which are better options off the tee on Par...
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    How Come There Is No Mention of Seniors Golf On The BBC?

    I imagine any half decent semi pro team would be able to match up to the international senior footballers, because fitness and age is a huge factor in footballing ability. Whereas golf doesn’t have the same divide, those seniors could (and do) compete with the very best in the world and the...
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    Flags when you're on the green - still permanently in or back to how things were?

    Played a medal yesterday and the flags didn't come out once. I am happy with them in, i'd probably like to get used to having them out again, but i'm not doing the flat out/flag in/flag out/flag in routine on the greens if my playing partner's don't want it out.
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    Senior Open - Sunningdale

    How odd - looks like he must have withdrawn. I didn’t think he played much golf these days, perhaps he got cold feet.
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    Does your handicap matter to you?

    I care about my own handicap but don’t care about anyone else’s, I am also aware that no one else cares about my own handicap. As long as I feel it vaguely reflects my current ability, then I am happy. I went from 6.2 to 8.5 without a single cut once and it was awful, turning up and playing...
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    What would you score at Royal St George's?

    After watching on TV Thursday-Saturday, I boldly declared to my mates that I reckon I could comfortably break 90. After attending on Sunday, I realised I was wrong. The blind tee shots, long carries, and undulations would break me. I think i'd shoot somewhere from 90-100, although I do think I...
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    Getting off the tee.

    My suggestion, with absolutely nothing to back it up, is that you have negative angle of attack, and are hitting "down" on the ball with your driver. If you only have trouble with a driver, and no other club, that would make sense... As with every other club in the bag, a negative angle of...
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    Open 2021

    Morikawa oozes class. Doesn’t need to overpower anything, seems to enjoy himself out there.
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    WHS working well for me

    15 out of the top 20 in our Stableford at the weekend were <=10 handicap. 50% of the field had a handicap of <=10 (110 entrants) 11 out of the top 20 were <=5 handicap. 30 out of 110 entrants had <=5 handicap. It seems low handicappers were ridiculously over represented at the top of the...
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    Open 2021

    I don’t suppose anyone has any idea which of the Park & Ride sites (North or South) is likely to be easier to get to and from?
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    Golf Random Irritations

    Club Champs is primarily a scratch event at ours, the main trophy should always be for that! However, we have a Nett trophy as well (and Over 55s Gross/Net which only the 2nd round counts towards). Funnily enough, the winner of the Gross comp is often the winner of the Nett in the Club...
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    Unreasonable delay for new irons???

    I ordered Apex Pros/Project X IO’s (3-PW) and Apex hybrid with an Oban shaft, on 4th June. 0.25inch longer for the irons. Confirmed yesterday that all heads and shafts have been received, except for the 3 iron shaft which is harder to obtain than gold dust atm. Actually not too bad really?
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    Spectator takes Rory's Club

    Said in jest. Certainly not meaning any to cause any offence.
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    Spectator takes Rory's Club

    Completely bizarre. The chap looks like a zombie, surely not booze as it was quite early in the morning?
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    Tee Times - Staying or Going

    We are keeping the booking system for the foreseeable future.