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    Pro lessons

    Hi, have you looked at going to someone like Alastair Forsyth at Mearns castle ?
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    Downswing question?

    Have you ever watched the program School of Golf on the sky golf channel ? It was on this afternoon and they had Martin Hall explaining the takeaway and they had a guest coach on, Jim McLean and he was describing the downswing, you should have a look for it, it might help you understand the...
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    Peleton.. training bikes

    I have To say, ours has been superb, widely used by myself, my daughter and my son. I even enjoy doing a lot of the stretching classes especially after a tough ride which is something I was normally poor at putting into my warm down routine. One last benefit, it’s a lot safer than outside riding...
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    New Irons - maybe too hard to hit

    I thought They looked better in the flesh than they did on website pictures which is why I bought them on the spur of the moment but I am biased and really only like the looks of bladed irons but have had to accept that if I want to improve my handicap then I need something more forgiving. I...
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    New Irons - maybe too hard to hit

    I moved from a set of Mizuno MP20’s to the TCB’s as I wanted a little more forgiveness but I didn’t feel the TCB’s gave me any so I eventually sold them and have bought Apex Pros which are definitely more forgiving and giving me a bit more distance and confidence but, I have sacrificed a bit of...
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    PXG SGI Irons

    If you are keen on pxg and you are looking for forgiveness then this combo set may be worth considering Cheers, John
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    Glasgow gailes 13/100

    There are a few I have not played like Troon, Barassie and others but I would put Glasgow Gailes above West Kilbride and slightly above Irvine Bogside, although, both are courses I really enjoy playing. I think you have to remember that links courses tend to look and play very differently at...
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    Glasgow gailes 13/100

    I played it last week and it was excellent. Think you are overly harsh on the course because you had a difficult experience being stuck behind a 3 ball, you are going to have a difficult time with your golf adventures if you don’t start speaking up for yourself now that golf courses are going to...
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    Cutting across the course

    You mentioned that you go round East Renfrewshire in under 2 hours so you must be going rapid and probably just caught the 3 ball out as they would not have expected even the earliest of tee times to be on the 9th green that early, a quick word with them would probably have sorted this out with...
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    Fereneze golf club

    I would very much doubt they will lie to you, so yes, give the pro a call and tell him/her what your playing preferences are and ask what the booking system is and how busy it gets when you want to play. It’s worth bearing in mind that golf memberships have increased a fair bit in the past...
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    Fereneze golf club

    One thing to consider before joining a new club and that is how busy it is and how difficult it is to book a time that suits you, especially since you play almost every day and enjoy playing fast because, if you have found a course you like based on its condition, you may well find that it is a...
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    Mar Hall 11/100

    Have you tried Gleddoch GC, they have improved the course a lot over the last couple of years and created some decent practice facilities and a driving range, they also have a hotel with spa etc… ? Cheers, John
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    What was your first set of irons?

    Dunlop Peter Thompson irons (wish I still had them) Ben Sayers Big Ben junior driver and a Max Faulkner Pinseeker 4 wood. cheers, John
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    Recommend Me The Perfect Bag..

    I have a Sun Mountain trolley bag, it has been bombproof, I also have a Sun Mountain pencil bag, it is pretty decent too but, I have a Sun Mountain 14 way carry bag that is great for waterproofness and storing your clubs but a pain in the butt when carrying whenever it is damp/wet as it squeaks...
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    Course recommendations

    I don’t see Paisley on your list, maybe it’s too long a drive but if not, well worth playing a round there to se if you like it, it is usually in great condition. You should remember though, it has been an exceptionally wet last couple of months for most south west scotland golf clubs so, if not...