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    Closed holes & handicapping

    Agreed, when the course gets like that it's only a faint resemblance of golf. And don't get me started on mats. However we have a few members who have taken on board the depressing mantra of England Golf that every round should be recorded.
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    Closed holes & handicapping

    On a slightly different note, are people allowed to unilatarally declare a hole 'out of play' for the purpose of their General Play Round? We have two holes on temporary greens, but with larger sized (bucket) holes because the temps are in poor condition. This clearly makes any competition score...
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    Who is this and what happened?

    This is the late Hubert Green in the Masters that Gary Player won with a closing 64, coming from 7 shots behind (I think he played with a young Seve). Green led after the 3rd round, but missed that putt to force a playoff. Only other proper golfer I've seen with a similar putting stroke was Isao...
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    Sporting Achievements

    Perfect Game in baseball. There have been 21 in the last 118 years. No idea how many attempts, but it must be over half a milion.
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    Cricket 2021

    If Cummins hadn't kept their 2nd innings alive so that Khawaja could get to his century we'd have lost comfortably again. A slightly better effort than the first three games, but still very poor.
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    Can You Name Every Open Champion Of The 20th Century?

    I got every one from the end of WW2 in order in four minutes, and eventually ended with 47 out of 52. Got them all from 1923, but 5 of the earlier ones eluded me. Good fun. I think the Twitter feed asked for the winners in this century, not the last one.
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    Handicap/Comp Secretary - are they paid at your club?

    None of our Committee are paid or receive any benefit except perhaps the odd complimentary cup of coffee. There was a proposal a few years ago for anyone leaving the Committee after serving 3 years to get the following year's membership free, but it was voted down.
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    Incredibly Stupid Board Games

    And its even darker namesake, Guards Against Insanity!
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    Who was your player of 2021?

    Collin Morikawa, with an honourable mention for Bernhard Langer, who not only shot a 63 to beat his age but won his 6th Order of Merit title.
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    Cricket 2021

    Could still lose by an innings.
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    The idea of monitoring it 'hour by hour' didn't last long!
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Just watching the PDC World Darts Championship, a seething mass of drink fuelled spectators chanting and singing in close proximity. I'm sure it's an enjoyable day if you are so minded, but I can't imagine events such as this are helpful in the current climate.
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    I was at the Cheltenham Festival for four days in March 2020, just before the first lockdown. In hindsight it appears to have been a bad decision to allow the meeting to take place in the presence of 50,000 spectators. By allowing tens of thousands of people to mix at events over the coming...
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    SPOTY 2021

    Backed Radacanu at 6 halfway through the US Open. Laid her at 1.05 a couple of days after she won it. Not bothered who wins now.
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    Thorbjorn Olesen - Arrested

    Very surprising that the criminal law allows someone to knowingly put all that junk into their system and then be absolved of responsibility for their subsequent actions.