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    Scots Householders Only

    No you still need to change the heads on the mains/battery detectors every 10 years. The Aico ones are simple though, the head slides off leaving the base on the ceiling. They also do combined heat/smoke and heat/CO units.
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    How’s your moral compass

    Depends....Last year i found a big fat wallet in the local co-op, it had a wad of £50s in it that would choke a donkey. Couldn't find a contact number in it, so just handed in to Customer services. Also last year playing a round on my own, hooked a tee shot into the woods on my left, reloaded...
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    If you could live out your days anywhere...

    Somewhere on the heel of Italy, maybe 20 minutes from Brindisi. Beautiful (and cheap)
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    Premier Prediction League 21/22

    WEEK 23 FIXTURES Tuesday Burnley 19:30 Watford 1-1 Brighton 20:00 Chelsea 1-2 Wednesday Leicester 19:30 Spurs 3-1 Brentford 20:00 Man Utd 0-2 Friday Watford 20:00 Norwich 1-0 Saturday Everton 12:30 Aston Villa 0-2 Brentford 15:00 Wolves 2-2 Leeds 15:00 Newcastle 2-0 Man Utd 15:00 West Ham 1-1...
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    Random Irritations

    I normally respond “if your names Dave then mine is Rahul Dravid” then hang up.
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    The Footie Thread

    I swore out loud when Adrian Durham on Talksport kept saying they should get Moyes back! 🤬 If we sell Rice and don’t back him I could see it happening. Be a good fit too.
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    Random Irritations

    😂…… Sadly no. Although I might have to ask the NE lads for recommendations near Newton Aycliffe.
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    Random Irritations

    That’s why you have a gift registry. No danger of duplicating the gifts then…It is common though with more couples “living in sin” nowadays to ask for cash😜. Going to a wedding in Northumbria in May, they sent some twee poem basically asking for cash but as the weekend is going to cost me £500+...
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    The Footie Thread

    Very tired performance today, Leeds have played twice since 18th December we have played 7. And it showed. Fair play to Leeds though they worked incredibly hard, pressed us out the game and deserved the result. Having said that we had enough chances to have got something today so I’m not too...
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    The prince and the sex offender

    And Bill Wyman and Mandy Smith. She was 13!
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    Laughter - the best medicine

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    The prince and the sex offender

    Hoda Muthana and her family might disagree.
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    The prince and the sex offender

    Turns out it’s £17M and he has to pay someone who sued him last year £7M so it leaves him “only” £10M Wonder how much he is going to try to bung Ginny to settle?
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    Coronavirus - how is it/has it affected you?

    Per pack or per test?
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    Random Irritations

    Your overdraft. 😁