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    Poor etiquette OR opponent over reacting

    A bit of both perhaps.
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    So what are you listening to at the moment?

    RIP Keith Emerson. He let her use his newly renovated keyboard (below) he respected her that much. I shed a tear (or two) every time I see her playing her part of the tribute above.
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    Random irritations of the day......

    If you have a tank in the attic for your bathroom hot water etc., you can collect that into a bucket from the bath tap and use that to flush the toilet.
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    2021 Professional Golf Thread

    WP Rory - maybe this might be the turn-around for his game.
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    MP Stabbed at Constituency

    I would say that it was at the least (the ban) against the political posting rules, but on top of that the posts (not just one) were both inflammatory and disrespectful.
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    Sex discrimination in golf

    a) I never used the word 'cheating' b) You are either a troll or just an an idiot, either way I'm going to ignore anything else you post. Congrats - you are the first person I put on ignore.
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    Boxing/UFC 2018/19/20/21

    Wasn't go pay the money but decided to play a bit of poker until the start of 4:00am and listen to TalkSport. Ended up being 5:00am start. But I loved it - reminded me of listening to the Ali fights on the radio under the bedclothes when I was a nipper!
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    Boxing/UFC 2018/19/20/21

    Winning and announcing retirement is a pretty good strategy if you want to be 'persuaded' to come out of retirement!
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    Sex discrimination in golf

    Competition tees are named that for a reason. Using them outside of competition gives you an unfair advantage over the rest of the members who respect that.
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    What's your favourite putter and why?

    Original Ram Zebra - bought it c.1998. Why? Well, it's still in the bag!
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    Things That Gladden The Heart

    Seen them three times - London, NEC and Roundhay, but always wished I'd seen them with Gabriel. Different class of singer imo.
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    Panic buying fuel

    For a start off, not everyone can afford to put 30 litres into their car. For instance, they might be working a zero contract job and only put in just what they need as and when. And secondly, people need to be encouraged to put only what they need into their car when they actually need it -...
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    Ryder Cup 2021

    Rydercup website has the scores mixed up for some of the pairings. - apparently Hatton made that 4 on the last! :D
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    Course Record.... Or not.....

    I beat my best gross score in the last 10 years or more by 4 shots playing a stableford competition this summer. There is no way I feel that I might have achieved that if it had been medal play. Loads of tough tee shots on the back 9 which I played with more confidence because I had 24 points...