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    Golf Random Irritations

    you've found the trees you've got some branches interfering with your swing take a million practice swings not hitting the branch pull the trigger ... wham club hits the tree. every. single. time
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    2021 Professional Golf Thread

    Nelly Korda has a majestic swing like
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    Think it looks class me would use shafts like that in my clubs :D
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    Online golf tips

    I’ll be going down the rabbit hole tonight Fat shot remedies will be the search
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    Are You A Potential Bandit?

    PBR … 7.1 -1.9=5.2 IR …. 10.6-1.9 = 8.7 More likely to hit 19 over at the minute than the 3 over that was the 1.9
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    I bought today.....

    i have always hated wearing waterproofs always felt restricted even tried shortsleeve 1/4 zip and still hated playing in them. the hydroknit is just like wearing a midlayer
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    I bought today.....

    hasn’t let me down so far the top It’s superb
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    2021 Professional Golf Thread

    Why’s the coverage of this PGA tour event worse than the masters am I missing something
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    Holy grail of the golf swing?

    (620) Pros vs. Ams | Golf Swing Hip Rotation 🔄 - YouTube
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    Season has ended

    down to 7.1 from 9.4 every round feels like a hell of a battle now. need to forget about handicap and just try and get more enjoyment out there i can comfortably shoot enough pars to break 80 but double bogeys are the killer
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    Golf in Dubai

    Budget friendly option would be jebel ali I reckon out of the way at about 30 mins from downtown Dubai but it’s a cheaper canny little 9 hole course But if I was going to Dubai I’d be playing night golf at the Faldo course
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    2021 Professional Golf Thread

    lesser prestige tournaments especially on the PGA seem to be set up easier.... they seem to think birdies = viewing figures
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    Consistently inconsistent

    my scores in the WHS 20 range from 74-90 there's more than a couple 89's in there also
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    What's your favourite putter and why?

    2 ball served me well but my copper spider x has been fantastic But if I’m being honest the putters not the problem when i putt bad
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    1st 18

    3 wood and a white castle tee would give me sweats standing over it.