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    Wimbledon - Beware... spoilers possible.

    Scary to think that it's twelve years since John Isner's record breaking long match with Nicholas Mahut. Over eight hours for the fifth set, alone. Those were the days! Good for Isner that he's still playing high quality tennis all this time later.
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    Audience member offended by Joe Lycett joke. Calls the police

    I'll look him up. Cheers! (y)
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    Audience member offended by Joe Lycett joke. Calls the police

    Until this thread, I'd never heard of Joe Lycett so if it has all been a publicity stunt, it's worked - at least on me.
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    What can / cant you forgive at a new course.

    Earlier this year, I "eagled" a par 4 by landing my second shot in the hole that didn't have the flag in. To rub salt in the wound, it then took me three putts to get the ball into the right one. :mad::)
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    Commonwealth Games

    Not desperately interested in the Commonwealth Games but I'll certainly second Stefanovic's assertion that Heather Wheeler has been talking cobblers and Birmingham & it's environs are well worth a few days of anyone's time. Plenty to do in the city and some surprisingly excellent countryside...
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    Ed Sheeran

    Fave concert would either be Lindisfarne and Gene Clark, in Swansea, 1985, REO Speedwagon at the Hammersmith Odeon, the same year, or Stephen Stills, in Manchester, 2008. All magnificent shows. As far as Ed Sheeran goes, he's not my favourite musician but I should imagine he puts on a good...
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    GolfMates videos always freezing

    I've been watching them without any hassles.
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    TV Series - What Are You Watching?

    The American modern take on Holmes - Elementary, starring Johnny Le Miller - was surprisingly good. Much as I enjoyed Bandersnatch & Bilbo, Elementary was more consistently entertaining, I think.
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    Books - what are you reading just now?

    That's my take, too. It must really irritate decent writers when celebrities put out mediocre stuff then claim all the column inches and TV deals.
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    Books - what are you reading just now?

    I've recently finished this one. What did you make of it?
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    How many clubs do you carry but never use?

    Don't use the 3 & 4 iron because I'm useless with them. Recently bought a hybrid and I'm struggling with that as well. Maybe one shot in four goes well so I'm not sure how much use that's going to get, either.
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    Books - what are you reading just now?

    The Miniaturist is another corker! (y)
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    Holidays in the UK 2022

    Many thanks for all the advice and info. Much appreciated!
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    Holidays in the UK 2022

    I've never been sure whether The Black Mountain or Black Hill, counts as the highest point in Herefordshire. The former (which I've walked up quite a lot over the years. Love the Hatterrall Ridge) is bang on the Powys/Herefordshire border while the latter is entirely in England. Better make sure...
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    Holidays in the UK 2022

    I'm ticking off the county tops of England & Wales too. Johnny Muir's Cicerone book sparked my interest though I'm using my own routes. It's a great way of walking in fascinating places that you might not visit otherwise. According to the aforementioned book, the only inaccessible traditional...