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    Unusual ways to the hole

    I think you might get some 'infractionable' answers with your thread title ;)
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    What do 'regular' people use Instgram for?

    I didn't realise this forum was classed as social media, that being the case its my only social media diet, never been on any of the others and no desire to do so.
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    Have I seen the last of my s***k?

    I piped a 50 yard PW on the 1st hole of a 4BBB knockout match yesterday, it does little for the confidence but thankfully the rest of the round the wedges were pulled a little left which I can live with. Like you I now just laugh them off, they are an oddity which I have to live with...
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    Have I seen the last of my s***k?

    I think you & I both know that a J Arthur only EVER takes a holiday :cry:
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    Saudi Super League

    and carer's instead of caddies ?
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    Golf Injury Survey

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    Saudi Super League

    I just hope that the LIV have a few million in reserve to sign up the american morons who still think shouting 'get in the hole' is original and funny. It was a continual annoyance during Matt Fitzpatrick's great win last week as it is on most of Sky's US golf coverage. If they pop off to the...
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    Golf Injury Survey

    I just completed it in about 1 minute, as I selected the no contact option I guess the survey was fore shortened ?
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    Sir Nick Faldo

    He started his career at WGCGC, there is an honours board in the reception detailing his victories its a BIG old board :sneaky:(y)
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    I played today and..(Rolling) -originally created by JohnnyDee

    Play well, never played Remedy Oaks but hear its a good course.
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    Belek golf post covid-19

    A big group from my home club have just returned from the Gloria Golf Hotel, its the 2nd trip in three years, I went 3 years ago and thought it was fantastic, the guys who went this time (& last time) said its now even better and have already started plans to go back next year. I don't think...
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    Late notice availability

    Congratulations on the HIO, a bucket list achievement for most, be careful tho' they can be like buses :cool:
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    Motocaddy S1 Battery Replacement

    If you can afford it go Lithium, they are a better battery. I have a twelve year old S1 and having been using it with a Motocaddy S1 Lithium battery for about 5 or 6 years now and its been ultra reliable. Caveat emptor, buy cheap buy twice :sneaky:
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    Playing for cash

    I took £7.50 off our 4bbb partners on Sunday, thats about as much as I am interested in playing for. I did win $100 ++ in a 4bbb game in Florida once, I played with 3 Americans who were playing push's. Nassau's, birdies and whatever else, I had absolutely no idea what was going on !!
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    Marker pens

    Does it matter ? OF COURSE it matters, the viscosity of the ink is absolutely critical, too viscous and you have a career threatening issue, black is the ONLY way to go.