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    Season has ended

    I used to think that before joining a Club & working on my H/cap. Yes it's great to play lots of different courses & I still do but, I quickly came to realise that the idea that your home course is the same each time you play it is so, so wrong. Wind, course condition, pin positions etc when you...
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    H4H Blackmoor 2021 Results

    Well done Duffers.... keeping those Bandits at bay. :D:D
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    SPOTY 2021

    As a Sports Personality, it can only be RASHFORD... massive impact on the Nation in so many ways. Just keep on hitting these Fascists. :oops::oops:
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    The Footie Thread

    Yet again officials ruining a good game. How can they get things do, so wrong.
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    One thing….

    Left hand grip in the fingers rather than across the palm..... added 20yds to my drives & greatly improved the quality of iron play.
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    Golfing holiday

    Morrocco was great in Oct 3 years ago when we did Marakesh also great for a bit of culture or trip to the Atlas Mountains. So close to Europe but a world away culturally.
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    New Competition "rule" to reduce the impact of "new handicaps"

    Welcome to the Forum AJ &.. hahaha ...... presenting one of the most difficult problems H/cap committees have to deal with..... the returning golfer. I'd say your previous play is a massive consideration..... yeah, put your 3 cards in then be content with the, say 5 H/cap it would be...
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    New Competition "rule" to reduce the impact of "new handicaps"

    At our place, to get your name on a Trophy or Board you need to have played in at least 5 Competitions in the past 12 months...... though you can win the cash. It's working well.
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    Win three FootJoy Premium Performance gloves

    Rahm USA 16-12.
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    You Are The Committee

    Totally agree!!
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    You Are The Committee

    Just get a date that both can play.... it's a Final during difficult circumstances.
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    Britain's best views

    Oh yes..... the postal stamp. At Easter 1980 we were very nearly the 'first yacht of the season to make it out there.... beaten by just 2 hrs from a solo German sailor. However, had my 'most remote' frame of snooker in the Privates Mess & with the German guy, invited to have breakfast with the...
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    Britain's best views

    One of a very privileged few if you've seen this view. Probably the most little-visited place in the UK & one of the most difficult to get to. Weather like this is required if staying overnight in the Bay. St Kilda
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    Britain's best views

    Back of Skiddaw is very much 'another place'
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    Who would you pick as Europe's wild cards?

    Yeah..... strokeplay..... Matchplay..... massive difference. :D:D