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Hi, The information on this forum is not ongoing related to GHD, We have had judgement and I have another judgement which can be used in evidence against GHD, I am providing people with our evidence layouts so that they can fight a decent fight in court. The people are not in the legal process and therefore it seems unfair that the post has been blocked. Forums are for people to share and discuss.
Could I get your email to pass on to a GM colleague who’s writing the Arccos feature?
Winning or learning stolen from Chemy Alcott, Sunday the season of giving was replaced with receiving. 59.8 #WinnersWin
I’ve just noticed on PMG when booking a tee time, that I also have to refer your details. Have you joined already? If not, I can send your details in to refer so we both benefit from 10 extra points.
Appreciate it,
PMG member here, be great to get free points if you’ve not been messaged already.
I joined right before lockdown so not actually played u see it yet, but my club Whittlebury Park is opening form Monday 👍
Careful posting your full email on a public forum matey. I've x'ed out some so the bots dont pick up on it and blast you with all sorts.
Avid reader of mag for many years. Have noticed the big number of new Facebook Sponsored Ads, offering identical golf practice nets, roughly 5 each day for last few days. Pretty sure these are all a SCAM as none of them have any comments from satisfied customers, only queries from dissatisfied ones, still awaiting delivery, including me. Waste of $90, but hopefully can get the cash back as paid by CC. Warning !!!
How’s it going folks, just joined forum and saying hello. Got back to golf at tail end of 2019 after 15 years not playing and I'm trying to get up and running again. Hoping to join a club later in the year and hope this forum provides a good home/place to learn.
Hi there, I am a little bit confused to buy Golf Irons. Please give the suggestions which brand is good.
One size does not fit all,,,,,all reputable brands are good,,,and many have different features to suit different swings,,,spend time is a shop, on a flight scope, analysis of all,,,,then another big thing,,golf is all about confidence,,,,youll know when you like one,,it just feels right when you hold it in your adress position,,,thats the best brand for you then