Titleist T100S gap wedge.

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Dec 30, 2019
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My new Titleist T100 irons have a 42º 9-iron.

I've found it useful to eschew the 46º pitching wedge and order instead the 48º gap wedge from the cosmetically identical T100S model [stronger lofted variant].

That gives me a constant 6º gap between #9, 48W, 54W, and 60W.

It's a thought for you, anyway, if you're considering Titleist T100s

This is the stuff with which I'm playing like a dog this spring. Could probably do as well with a cricket bat, a garden spade, a billiards cue, and a croquet mallet.

Titleist PT [1993] ___13, 17, 20, 23º metals
Mizuno Fli Hi II [2004] ___18º driving iron
Titleist T100 [current] ___#s 5-9
Titleist T100S [current] ___48W
Titleist SM8 [current] ___54. 60W
Ram Zebra [1977] ___putter
Titleist Pro V1x ___ball
Titleist Cart 14 ___bag.
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