this is a long shot but, wanted footjoy boa knob


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Sep 3, 2009
North Ayrshire
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I will give the long story to see if it gets results. an old boy (55 lol) at my away club has went through his second hip op. but due to his one leg longer than the other, he wears stepped golf shoes. they are footjoys with the boa. years ago footjoy used to do this make one shoe higher than the other. but for health and safety or folk suing they stopped doing it. so John phoned footjoy to tell ask if they had a knob. they said because of the new design they had run out and that's all they could do for him.
im sure I read on here that the boa was guaranteed for life? although I suspect that his shoes having been heightened may not qualify.
so any way im looking for advise on this guarantee thing and possibly if anyone has any old boa shoes lying about that done get used or are damaged. is there any chance of me getting 'a WORKING control knob or two'. those who have had them will no what im talking about. thanks