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Course, practise area closed due to snow, so for tonights Junior Coaching we took the kids on the indoor simulator for a bit of fun, ended the evening with a long driving comp.

12 kids age range 6-12, 5 girls 7 boys, one of the girls was leading with a 138yds until an 11yr old boy hit his 195yds, absolutely smashed it, the joy in both the shot and winning the comp was a joy to see.

Note: Covid protocols were in place and the kids were broken down into groups of 3 when in the simulator.


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May 8, 2007
When the team sheet goes up for the weekend and the Tigers have a full squad pretty much available, everyone back from injury and everyone back from international duty in one piece. On paper at least, the best 23 I have seen for the Tigers in a decade or more and going to be one hell of a match agianst an on form Quins.