Things That Gladden The Heart


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Aug 12, 2016
Getting the band back together for practise for the first time in almost two years. (y)
Had the same, hadn't met up since March last year but we had a chance to record a couple of songs at a studio (a friend of the guitarist had remodeled his studio with new equipment and wanted some guinea pigs, so we got a free weekend), so was nice to be in a rehearsal room again
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Nov 19, 2018
I don't know if this is a tale to gladden hearts, or a gross random irritation- depends on whether you love dogs, maybe.
But it did bring a smile - in fact a real bellyaching smile😂😂.

My model flying club is at the end of a long track leading to the lay-by of the main road. At that end of the track is a gate that we have to open to access the road.
One of the chaps left in his van to go home. He had his lovely fluffy dog with him, as always, and off he went down the track.
Normally a few more members would appear at the site but none showed for half an hour or so. When they did , together, it transpires they had got to the gate to come up the track, but couldn't progress further because matey with the van and dog was not able to proceed through the gate he had opened.
Instead they found him talking to the dog, trying to get it to unlock the door.!
He had got out to open the gate, shut the van door, leaving the dog to mooch about to watch what he was doing.
During which it's paw had landed on the lock button of the door, thereby securing it.😂😂
Shortly after, the dog found himself being talked to by all these nice chaps. Never been so popular!
In the end the owner had to break a quarter light window to unblock the lane and go home, somewhat resolved to do things a bit differently next time.

now that is a doggie story. A true one😂😂😂
Jul 24, 2012
Rewind North (held Macclesfield way) went ahead and, going by one account at least, it was a great success 👍🥳. Fingers crossed for all planned summer and autumn festivals…and for October onwards when the students are back in the big towns and cities and keen to get to know each other 😄😍🎈


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Oct 29, 2013
Just finishing up a week on the MSC Virtuosa, currently in Liverpool before travelling to Greenock tonight.
First time cruising and will definitely do it again.