Team match & the shanks!


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Jan 23, 2008
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I was representing my club tonight in a county match (6 man team) and was playing against a young guy who plays for scotland. It was an away match for me round a course I have never played before, and it was VERY windy.

Anyway, I missed plenty of greens but my short game was amazing, I got up and down EVERY time I missed a green.

I was 2up with four holes to go when we came to two consecutive down hill par 3's over water. I'm embarrassed to say I had an unmentionable off both tees, throwing away both holes. He then birdied 17 and we halved the last and I got beat.

I don't know whether to feel mad, disappointed, pleased I played okay or what. Worst of all, tomorrow in the medal I know the first few irons shots I'm going to be thinking about the shanks! :mad:


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Aug 19, 2007
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It's odd how these shots come out of nowhere...and often like buses!

I don't suffer very often, but had one the other day with a six iron, the closest I'd got to a long par 4 at mine.
I don't know if it's relevant, but we'd waited 8 minutes in the middle of the fairway to hit our 2nd shots....the group in front were making a right mess of the hole, not to mention 11 putts between the four of them.

The annoying thing was that the shot went straight for the next tee (where the slow players had moved onto) and scuttled through the bushes and rolled under some bloke's trolley. He asked why I hadn't shouted fore!, to which I replied that I would've done if the ball had not been daisy cutting after about 70 yards! There wasn't any risk to them, but I felt a bit embarrassed. We waited for these guys on every tee and our game(s) suffered pretty badly.