Saturday Medal Routine


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Aug 8, 2007
Norn Ireland
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We're getting nearer to the most exciting weekend of the year, the 1st competition. A chance for us golfers to try out our new equipment and gear that santa left us.So I thought I would just post to see what you guys do before you play golf in competition, either it being a Saturday medal, a Sunday sweep or whatever.

I play at 7.37am every Saturday morning so I arrive at the club about 45 minutes before tee off.
If I'm playing in a Sunday competition depending what time I'm teeing off at I could be at the club 1 - 2 hours before.
If I'm representing my club I always like to arrive an hour before, get a chat with some of the guys and get a sort of feeling for the place. I might even hit a few shots into the net or have a few practice putts. I normally dont do practice greens, I usually find them totaly different from the course greens.

During the winter months (tee off much later)I like to have a few Guinness before my round, just to keep warm.

Would be good to hear what you lot do before rounds.

Our 1st competition starts on the 17th March, roll on then.


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Jul 22, 2006
GM Towers
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I always like to start as early as possible - think you get the best of the conditions, wind not got up and greens not spiked especially around the hole

gave up practicing in anymore depth than having a couple of putts a while back and seem to play better for it


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Dec 9, 2007
19th hole
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Like you Mike I like to start early. Not only are conditions usually a lot better but I get brownie points for getting back at a reasonably hour with all afternoon available for other things if necessary. Because of the early starts there's realistically little time to go to the practice ground first so a few looseners in the nets, a couple of putts and off to the 1st tee.


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Aug 6, 2007
Bracknell - Berkshire
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My normal 4 ball tend to tee off arround 8.30 on a Saturday and it is in the lap of the gods what time I get when the draw is made fo rthe monthly stableford and medal.

For a friendly 4 ball I still like to get to the club about 40 minutes early and normally take 20 balls to the practice ground and hit a few shts. I start with some wedges, six or seven mid irons, a hybrid a couple of 3 woods and a couple of drives. I do this as a means not only of warming up but as a way of finding my swing speed and feel for the day.

If I am in a competition (or club match) I'll get to the club about 90 minutes before I am due off. I'll hit more balls but wok more on specifics inlcluding shots <100 yards to work on scoring, and normally 5 shots with a PW, 8, 6, 4, 5 wood, 3 wood and driver.

I'll then spend 10 minutes or so on the practice area chipping geem just getting a feel for little chip shots and pitch and runs and hit a few bunker shots. Finally I'll go onto the putting green. I don't try and specifically hole any putts but just work on getting a feel for the pace of the green. I usually finish with some 2-3 footers and get the confidence going seeing the putts drop.

Its normally back to the clubhouse to drop my practice balls off, a quick visit to the gents, and then off to the pro shop to get my card and pay my fees. I'll then make sure I'm on the tee with 10 minutes to go (might hit a couple of shots in the net to keep loose). Then its onto the tee. Check my aim, grip it nice and loosem deep breath out, nice smooth takeaway and ..................