Re: Learning to Love Big Headed Irons


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Aug 6, 2007
Bracknell - Berkshire
Re: Learning to Love Big Headed Irons

I love my TM R7's but also have a set of Callway X20's in a graphite shaft which like you I was sceptical about but to be honest after a little while on the range I quite liked them. I've seen pictures of these new clubs but not in the flesh yet but I'm guessing they are very similar to the X20's and like you say not going to win any fashion parades but do provide a solid and reliable club. I've got to the stage now where if my game is shambolic I use the X20's for the safety net of a cavity back and a large sweet spot and on the infrequent occasions I'm actually hitting it pure I use the R7's as I can move the ball better with them.