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Colonel Bogey

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Dec 6, 2018
I've just switched this off. What bluddy disgrace the presenter is. I'll never listen to this biased carp again.
Jul 24, 2012
Try LBC 7am-10am instead - with Nick Ferrari you'll find super bias against which you can benchmark Today ;)

If you are so minded Farage presents a gentle easy listening and comedy show Mon-Thursday 6pm-7pm.

And everyone's favourite Beano character is to be found on LBC on Fridays early evenings - but it looks like he's been pulled by the Tories at the moment given he's been a little extravagant with his language (spoken and body) these last week or two. Or maybe he's on his holidays.

Don't listen 10-4pm as O'Brien and Fogerty will do your head in with the fact-based approach to Brexit - albeit with different styles.