Pairs matchplay Handicaps

Banchory Buddha

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Jun 10, 2021
I still know of groups in their informal little get togethers who use the old 90% of the difference method when playing 4BBB because they stubbornly believe that the old and new methods deliver exactly the same results in all cases.
The old method wasn't 90% :oops:
Apr 10, 2018
We have one of these boards along with the slope and % boards all displayed together. Amazed how many clubs only have the slope board on display.
We are looking at havng 3 boards. Go to board #1 to get your course handicap. Move along to board #2 to find the required % for the competition that you are playing. Finally use the % boards to find your playing handicap for the day. A little simple maths might then be required for matchplay before moving onto the tee to play golf.