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Jul 30, 2008
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Hey guys i was wondeirng if you can help?

I am looking to completely kit my self out with new clubs, i haven't played for a few years now and i have given my old clubs away.

I am unfortunately about a 28 handicapper and needs clubs that aren't too difficult to hit.

I am also after a driver that needs to be forgiving and have a high trajectory.

Thansk for any advice you can give me.


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Jul 15, 2008
Burton. Staffs (Near WulfricPoint)
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What brand of clubs did you previously use?
Did you like them?
How much money do you want to, or are you prepared to spend?

One thing I wouldn't do though is go for the complete all in one sets available, as the woods supplied with these generally wont be the best available in a range.

A second hand set is all very well, but in the end there is still going to be depreciation & you'd still be buying twice, instead of once. A false ecconomy imho. Unless you are after second hand & want to keep them. In which case I'd say look for a decent set of second hand clubs.

BTW, I've got a very nice set of NIKE CPR's in the for sale section, consisting 3 & 4 Hybrid irons, plus 5-PW in standard CPRII irons. Very easy to hit & use There are some other items too.

Otherwise visit your local golf emporium,or proshop & get fitted outby the pro, have a lesson at the same time. Never hurts, he might even do you a good deal.

If I personally was looking for new clubs at the moment there are a number of clubs I might look at, but last time I was in European golf, the Cleveland CG iron range caught my eye, mainly as the good lady got fitted out for some CGPinks & the looks of them have grown on me.

As you may notice I currently use Yonnex C280 irons.

Get to know what Irons feel right in the shop/on the range then spend some money, build up your set. Spend some time choosing putters & wedges, as well as your irons, wood & driver. And with putters it can be some of the cheapest as well as expensive ones that perform the best. John letters do a very nice heal/toe weighted putter for about 30 quid.


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May 8, 2007
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The 2 best deals I have seen (and been very tempted by) are Taylormade R7s (not the draw model) 3-PW for £299 on Onlinegolf, and Cobra S9s 5-SW for £299 at Direct Golf.

Would not think you would go far wrong with either of them.


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Aug 13, 2007
Middle Earth,
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1. go to several golf shops, try lots including some over your budget (you might be able to either get a deal - some will pricematch - or find them cheaper online)
2. don't be tempted by the first you like the look of, in fact forget looks it's hitability that counts
3. be hardnosed, don't get rushed into buying, try enough to get a shortlist then try again
4. don't rush to get a full set (woods, rescues, irons, wedges & putter), irons will get you started in the range, add a putter then the rest
5. if you do want a full package set (and they aren't all bad) make sure you try the woods as well as the irons, Cernunnos is right they are usually what let these down
6. if someone doesn't want to let you try the clubs - walk away