My progress This Week


Assistant Pro
Feb 9, 2008
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Well I went for a lesson with my pro last sunday and i was all golfed out as played alot of golf. Went through a few things and he just tweaked one or two things and then for the remaining half of the lesson we worked on shaping the ball as he said if i really want to improve i need to practice shaping the ball more.

Well I have been on a training course for work all week but on monday night i got to the range and was working on it and its coming slowly and i played a round at inverurie and as its a short course i was playing alot of wedges etc and i shot a 72 gross 3 over par. I felt i played alot better than normally tho but still needed to work on shaping the ball etc.

Same again wednesday night went out on same course and shot the same 72 gross but this time with my wedges i was down the pin all the time. I had 7 birde chances in 1st 9 holes which were all within 15 foot which i did get a bit pissed off as nothing was dropping.

Just got home tonight to find my new driver and fairway wood sitting at home. Will continue to work on shaping irons