Monty - shooosh!



Monty was on BBC breakfast this morning, looking a tad weary by some links somewhere going on about how his Ryder Cup career is not over and how he will play in 2010 and 2012 before probably being Captain in 2014.

Talk about blowing your own trumpet! :(

The selection for this years team is barely announced yet he feels he has to get his face in the media and make these somewhat deluded statements about his future in the event, almost it seems out of pure arrogance and self-importance.

Rather than predicting the future he would be better realising that his age is aginst him, his form is very poor and getting worse and that just because he has a good record in Ryder Cup does not mean you have any more right to be there than any other pro golfer eligible to play.
Rather he should be practising harder, losing weight and improving as a player. This of course will not happen. Sadly his time has come and gone and I thought he cast a rather forlorn desperate figure today, like those punch drunk old heavyweight boxers that can't seem to accept that their formwer glories are well and truly in the past as they enter the ring to get pummelled by someone stronger, faster, fitter and half their age! The game has moved on since your heyday in the early 90's:D

Come on Monty - get some perspective, stop looking so glum, enjoy what life has given you and wise up! :D


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Aug 13, 2007
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to be fair to him, he has been pursued for a quote.
I heard him on the radio yesterday, said the same though he was stressing that he would have to qualify by right to make the 2010 team. I thought he sounded quite professional, no recriminations or snide remarks.

the problem for Monty, as it will be for DC, is that it's a long way till the Seniors tour. question of course is will either of them ever play it?
Saw Sam T at the Masters on Saturday, he was looking really miserable.


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Apr 18, 2007
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Was watching him on BBC Breakfast this morning, he seemed OK, usual scowl and pontificating manner.

He need to make a clear choice to either buckle down and get himself fit and playing well or just relax and have some fun. With money he has and a new wife etc I know what I would do.

No way will he make another Ryder Cup as a player.


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Jun 20, 2007
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Didn't see the show but agree with birdieman - so few sportsmen know when to give up. Still, at least, (to my knowledge) he has been reasonably dignified over his non-selection and hasn't had a(nother)go at Faldo or any of the team.