Live charity golf : rory dj wolff fowler 17th May


Tour Rookie
May 3, 2011
Well these two posts look even more silly now :) Rickie was the best of the 4, with DJ looking rustier than an old wedge.
Haha. Yep, rickie was comfortably the best...
...Until it mattered (kind of), when normality resumed..... looking good after 54 holes is his speciality.

I'd like to watch a condensed highlights (say, an hour) as the h*******t in between totally distracted from the golf and course. I was watching the septic version, so got the benefit if Bill Murray, trump etc. Plus interminable ads. How they watch golf on terrestrial is beyond me.

The course aesthetic was curious - without stands and crowds I think that many venues would be unrecognisable cf normal.